PM2 assists all three document varieties given that the grounds for any program explanations and modification -

PM2 assists all three document varieties given that the grounds for any program explanations and modification

PM2 assists all three document varieties given that the grounds for any program explanations and modification

JSON vs. JavaScript vs. YAML

PM2 holds all three file type since the base when it comes to application meanings and changes. Pick your preferred people and hire they, there aren’t any benefits of choosing for one or some other.

Wea€™re followers of JSON and often will put on display your all suggestions in JSON format. Just adopt the snippets to JS or YAML.

Configure Many Purposes in one JSON Data

Within a formerly printed tutorial, wea€™ve already read PM2a€™s capability to take care of advanced program setups using a JSON file. Youa€™ve a multitude of options available to tailor the tendencies of your methods maintained by PM2.

Around the JSON file, PM2 makes use of the apps key as grounds for a list of recognized solutions. Individual each tool into an object and offer the defined selection with respective ideals. Below model explains three applications: futurestudio-homepage , futurestudio-worker and futurestudio-api . All three tasks posses their own personal entry point (JS file) and is documented like the price for script .


PM2 demands anyone to incorporate about the name and program characteristics to correctly address and commence the determined product. The exact value for identity can be employed by PM2 as a reference for the system and is distinct.

To start out the defined apps throughout the pm2-apps.json , use the pm2 management series power and referral the JSON document. PM2 will automatically detect each application and initiate these people at once.

The snippet above shows the process of establishing several solutions from the pm2-apps.json data (above). In case an application (documented by-name) wasna€™t currently working, PM2 begins it. After the creating plan for all those procedures complete, youra€™ll see the common overview of operations was able by PM2.

One cana€™t tailor your order where systems begin. Please read on realize ways to act on one particular tool in your techniques document.


Any activity applied (head start, resume, reload, halt) straight away to the JSON construction file is died to any or all procedures within that document. Correctly, if you implement the pm2 restart command upon your JSON setup data, all characterized tasks within that data bring restarted straight away.

To only act on just one application within a JSON document, you should look at the following part.

Act Merely just one Tool Within a Process File

In situations where you need to act on the JSON setting but simply want to list one particular application, you can certainly do that with the addition of the –only assertion to the pm2 demand. For instance, if you must get started the person steps only, get it done similar to this:

When launched, you can easily deal with current PM2 steps the standard method.


Fixed i thought about this configurations in JS, JSON or YAML format tends to be a simple method to give intricate customizations in your purposes that get was able with PM2. You dona€™t must remember the person commands merelya€™d or else incorporate making use of management range utility.

This article confirmed you the way to identify much more than one software within a JSON file and implement that to JS and YAML at the same time. Possessing many application definitions in one data can benefit a person in various problems. Keep close track of measures which happen to be used with reference to the JSON document, because theya€™re completed for each characterized software. If you would like address one application take advantage of –only discussion.

Do you possess further problems on PM2 or Node.js in most cases? Just allow uns understand on Youtube @futurestud_io or create a comment below.

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